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Try our demo!

Michael Halila 2 minute read

We’re very happy to announce that the Goblin Camp demo is now available, and will be featured in Steam’s Endless Replayability Fest! You can download the dem...

Ruins in the Forest-cover

Michael Halila 3 minute read

A game of Goblin Camp starts when a group of goblins find a portal from the underworld to the middle world, and decide to go see what’s on the other side. Th...

Gone Fishing!

Michael Halila 2 minute read

One of your most important tasks in Goblin Camp is to feed the population of your camp. If goblins don’t get enough to eat, they’ll start getting weaker, and...

The Technology Tree

Michael Halila 2 minute read

Ever since Sid Meier’s Civilization (1991), we’ve all loved the idea of a tech tree. So it was pretty clear to us that Goblin Camp would have one. In this bl...

Goblins and Ghost Stories

Michael Halila 1 minute read

We are delighted to announce that Korppi Games has secured permission to use materials from the Finnish Literature Society’s collection of folk tales in Gobl...

Devlog #3: Goblin brains

Ilkka Halila 6 minute read

Goblins, and for that matter all creatures, need code to tell them how to act. In Goblin Camp our goblins must be able to fend for themselves. They need to f...

The Trouble with the Kalevala

Michael Halila 4 minute read

Shall I bring these songs together From the cold and frost collect them? Shall I bring this nest of boxes, Keepers of these golden legends, To the table in m...

Our Development Roadmap

Michael Halila 4 minute read

Korppi Games is very proud to present our first road map for Goblin Camp!

A World of Spirits: Finnic Shamanism

Michael Halila 5 minute read

Earlier on the blog, I talked about Finnic paganism, that is, the culture of the people whose descendants would later become the Finns. Researchers believe t...

Happy Holidays!

Michael Halila less than 1 minute read

Happy holidays to all of you, from all of us at Korppi Games. See you next year!

Jobs, and How Your Goblins Do Them

Michael Halila 3 minute read

Jobs are a very important part of Goblin Camp; after all, they’re how everything in and around the camp gets done! That’s why managing your jobs is a key ski...

Hungry Like the Wolf

Michael Halila 3 minute read

Life in the northern forests can be dangerous. One of the first creatures that goblins are likely to encounter as a dangerous enemy is the wolf.

Stock Manager and Storage

Michael Halila 2 minute read

Today I want to introduce one of the key interface elements in Goblin Camp: the stock manager.

Devlog #2: Linear Congruential Generators

Ilkka Halila 3 minute read

There are effects that we want to apply to the whole map in Goblin Camp, such as changing seasons tile by tile or having snow gradually melt. When a season c...

Wooden Armor

Michael Halila 3 minute read

Did the ancient Finnic people use wooden armor?

The Forest

Michael Halila 4 minute read

Goblin Camp is set in a forest, and that’s no coincidence. Where Tolkien’s goblins were only really comfortable underground, and the goblins of the Warhammer...

Farming and Fertility

Michael Halila 5 minute read

We talked about farming in last month’s Devlog, and I thought I’d return to the subject from a design perspective. So I’m going to talk briefly about how far...

What is Finnic paganism?

Michael Halila 3 minute read

One of the key inspirations for Goblin Camp is Finnish or Finnic paganism. This is the ancient, pre-Christian culture of the people who would later become th...

Devlog #1: Slashing and Burning

Ilkka Halila 3 minute read

Hello, this is the first Goblin Camp devlog. We’ll post these devlogs every now and then to highlight some of the work we’ve been doing lately.

Haven’t I seen you guys before?

Michael Halila 3 minute read

You may well have! The original Goblin Camp appeared online in 2010 as a solo project by Ilkka Halila, now our CEO and CTO. Full disclosure: he is my younger...