Try our demo!

Michael Halila 2 minute read

We’re very happy to announce that the Goblin Camp demo is now available, and will be featured in Steam’s Endless Replayability Fest! You can download the demo for free on our Steam page. We’d really appreciate it if you try it and give us some feedback!

Endless Replayability Fest graphic

Our demo will be part of Steam’s Endless Replayability Fest, starting the morning of 13.5. Pacific time. Endless Replayability Fest showcases games where every playthrough is different, and that’s certainly something we hope to achieve with Goblin Camp. Even though we’re still in a very early stage of development, we already procedurally generate the map for each game, and run a simulation of how the forest grows. It should be vanishingly rare for two maps to be exactly the same, and as we develop the simulation further, we’ll get even more variability in the maps.

We’re also already adding our first terrain features: the demo features ruins, where your goblins can find randomly generated artifacts that will be useful for their camp. The map will also change with the player’s actions: as you clear the forest, new plants will appear, and you can practice forestry management by eliminating undesired plants and making a new forest – or just cut it all down! Similarly, we already have the basics of a tech tree, where you’ll be able to choose what technologies you want to develop, with a selection of different approaches you can prioritize.

The demo also features our dynamic event system: each year, different things will happen in the camp. We’re hard at work creating more events and content, but the system is in place, and in the future, we’ll be able to throw all kinds of different random events at your goblins. Speaking of which, another dynamic element that will be different from game to game is your goblin population. If you try the demo and click on an individual goblin, you’ll see that they already have different personalities and gather experience as they do different jobs around the camp. Again, that’s something that’s still very much under construction, but we wanted to show a sort of taster of how the goblins will learn things and grow into different characters of their own. Both the event and experience systems are something we’re working on, and as they grow, we feel they’ll definitely make each game a different experience.

That’s just a small selection of what we’ve got planned for you! If you consult our roadmap, you’ll see we have a lot of different features in the pipeline, and we very much look forward to sharing them with you. Our demo is available to download right now, and we hope you try it and enjoy your time with Goblin Camp.