What is Goblin Camp?

Michael Halila 3 minute read

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Goblin Camp is a fantasy city-building game inspired by Finnish mythology. Deep simulation mechanics capture the unique challenges of surviving the harsh winters and carving a thriving settlement out of the northern forest. Lead your goblins to greatness!

We’re Korppi Games, a three-person games company in southern Finland. We’re lifelong gamers who want to make deep, thoughtful video games.

An Evolving Settlement

In Goblin Camp, you’re in charge of a little encampment of goblins. If you manage your settlement successfully, it can grow from a collection of shacks and lean-tos into a bustling city of stone and brick.

You’ll harness lots of different resources to build your camp, but the most important tool at your disposal will be your growing population of goblins. Each of them has their own combination of skills, traits and personality quirks, and as they do things and have experiences, they’ll learn new skills and develop new abilities.

To make managing all this as easy as possible, you can easily access all the information you need about your camp at a glance in our manager interfaces. They’ll show you exactly what tools and materials you have, how much food you’re producing, and alert you to any trouble.

A Dynamic Environment

Goblin Camp takes place on procedurally generated maps, where we simulate the effects of glaciation and the kind of geography that emerges in its wake. Because each map is different, every game will be too.

The forest in Goblin Camp is more than just the trees. The game simulates how the forest grows after the glaciers recede, and it keeps on growing and evolving throughout the game. As your settlement grows, the decisions you make will have an impact on the woods around it, and eventually the whole map.

Of course, nature isn’t just there for your convenience. You’ll have to help your goblins survive the harsh winters and the extreme weather. Our advanced water simulation is there to create both opportunities for water engineering and the occasional spring flood, but look out for strong winds blowing fires toward your camp!

A World of Spirits and Magic

Goblin Camp is set in a world that draws inspiration from the fantasy classics we know and love, and from ancient Finnic mythology. These ancient beliefs and ways of life, almost completely forgotten even in Finland, give a unique twist to the Goblin Camp experience.

You’ll have to deal with the spirits of the forest: tapping their energies to power your own magic, and defending your goblins from their menaces. They’re not the only trouble, either: your camp may be menaced by various beasts, humans and monsters, even elves - especially if you’ve been raiding their settlements!

In Goblin Camp, you can unlock new advances through magic or technology - or both. Travel to the spirit world in search of the secrets of the old magic, or develop industrial machinery through engineering. Either way will open new possibilities to grow your settlement and remake the world in your image.

A Complex Challenge

Your task is to guide your goblins on their way to greatness. The decisions you make, large or small, will have a real impact on your settlement and the broader game world.

As your camp grows, the game grows around it as well. Gameplay in Goblin Camp will scale up as your settlement gets bigger: you can stay involved in the little details if you like, but the interface will free you to concentrate on the big picture.

All in all, Goblin Camp delivers a rich settlement-building experience in a multi-faceted, living fantasy world. As you face the unique challenges of surviving the harsh boreal winters and carving a thriving settlement out of the primeval woods, your choices determine what kind of civilization will emerge in the frozen north.