Korppi Games announces fantasy city-builder Goblin Camp, inspired by Finnish mythology

Espoo, Finland, June 26th 2023: Up-and-coming Finnish game studio Korppi Games is delighted to announce their first game, Goblin Camp. A fantasy city-builder game inspired by Finnish mythology, Goblin Camp will be in Early Access on Steam in 2024.

Korppi Games is staffed by veterans of game development at companies like Rovio, Boomlagoon, Seriously Digital Entertainment and Next Games, and an academic researcher with peer-reviewed publications and expertise in history and religious studies. This combination of skills and knowledges allows Korppi Games to create deep, thoughtful game experiences.

“I’ve dreamt of making Goblin Camp for over ten years, I’m very excited to be finally doing it!” says CEO and CTO Ilkka Halila.

In Goblin Camp, the player takes charge of a small settlement of goblins in the northern forests. Deep simulation mechanics capture the unique challenges of surviving the harsh boreal winters. Players will explore a living fantasy world inspired by Finnish mythology, and learn to manage their growing and quirky population of goblins through easy-to-use interfaces. Goblin Camp is a modern and northern take on fantasy city-building. Learn more about Goblin Camp and Korppi Games at https://www.goblincamp.com and on Steam at https://store.steampowered.com/app/2431980/Goblin_Camp/

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Ilkka Halila
CEO, Korppi Games

Michael Halila
Creative Director, Korppi Games

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